Solidarity for Social Peace

Solidarity, Connected !

Just an App can’t do much. Panic Buttons, often mercantile false promises. Anonymity MUST be absolut…
No technologies answered that.
Networking, mobility, IoT, data…
Everything had to be reinvented!

The first tehnological ecosystem ever Designed & Architected specifically to improve or reverse social paradigms in Crime!
Our work is to connect citizen solidarity.
Hey, we even want to make it viral!

So, in a few words: we intent to drastically quicken time of response, prime factor in avoiding human tragedies,  by democratizing citizen response to bystanders geo-located in proximity.

Easely said, another thing to make it so! So we got to work…

#1 factor in avoiding tragediestime of response

each second is an opportunity lost!!!

Mobility = Witioo

Community in your hands

for a cohesive, coherent help

be our ears

information is

be our voice

communication is coordination

be our heart

solidarity is

be our eyes

witnessing is

be our hands

reach out is

be our head

cohesion is

All citizens MUST come to help – Civic Code

All ressoudants are immune – the “Good Samaritain” clause

Witme Smart Device

the community at your finger tips

Physical or psychological distress, community is a touch away

Solidarity of Proximity

Sense of human connectivity…


Intuitivaly activated
by Design

911 & 1st Responders

immediatly contacted and transmitted


False Alarm Proof
(Human Intent Detection)

Vulnerable citizens, survivors and victimized were at the center of my user-centric Design and engeneering quest. I was born when my creators didn’t know if a solution was even possible…
I needed to be the easiest way possible to be activated, and so in most critical context, yet never being able to send any False Alarms by accident! I also needed to be an object adaptable to my owner’s lifestyle, taste or preferences of wear: keychain, jewel, neckless, simply in their pocket…  And be there when my owner is physicaly and psychologicaly undisposed,  activable in complete discretion and secrecy.
So many constraints! Yet… I’m witme!

signed: witme


Proximity Citizenship

Coordinated by Authorities

Community Services Aware



Connected Intelligence

Better Prevention Management

Shared Danger Metrics


Positive Network Effect

Dissuades Criminals

Renforces Sense of belonging

Community Services


Finally, a platform unified allowing access to the latest technologies for those who need it most: Non-Profit organisations and Volunteers.

We created this platform to be adaptable and customizable to the diverse and specific needs of all community organisations that work everyday in relieving and healing our communities. With did this so they can connect and share their experiences, expertise and intervene at times when it means most.

Make Social the new standard

Innovation at our collectivities’ service

Our platform allows the integration of 3rd party technologies and services allowing our Social Ecosystem to benefit from ever the evolving innovation from all.

We invite all Tech companies to reach out and innovate or adapt their technologies to benefit society.

We evangelize for Social Technologies to become the new Trend


Collective Intelligence

Sparked as a citizen initiative, we work to connect our communities wisdom and empower a new Crime Prevention area.

We Designed and Architected all our patented innovations allow the Crowdsourcing of yet-to-be collected Critical and reliable data. This common knowledge is shared with all citizens to avoid risks.

Real-time, geolocated, event-based data will help all services working to our safety and well-being a new set of tools to better coordinate interventions. Historical data Analytics will give them an entire new intelligence helping them in their Crime Prevention management.

Witioo is a Social Enterprise

We also innovated to ensure the sustainability and growth of our Social Mission Centric Model.

witme = non-profit
we have decided to never profit in any way, shape or form from our Smart Devices as we aim to alleviate social anxiety and propagate social Peace.
witioo = solidarity contribution
Solidarity will be the model on which participants, through a symbolic monthly contribution as engagement, will contribute for communities’ ressources. We wish this connected solidarity will propagate all around the World!

1 for 2

Buy 1
= Give 1


Witme never comes alone

0$ Profit

Vulnerable, Survivors
, …

solidarity, linked through
community services.


we are with you

Community Services

Ambassadors !

symbolic contribution showing
your engagement



Become Peace Ambassador!

Sébastien Paris

Sébastien Paris

Quebec - Montreal - Ottawa

Chief Endeavor Officer

A digital humanist and innovator, Sebastian is a serial-entrepreneur since his 18, having launched enterprises from idea to acquisition. He also founded several digital Labs, including Ideonova, and collaborated on incubators, among which TC Media’s.

Recognized Strategist and IxD, Sébastien is evolving at the frontier of emerging technologies and disrupting models for over 20 years and worked on multi-million dollars Mobile projects and startups.

Martin De Blois

Martin De Blois

Tennessee - Hong Kong

Chief Design Officer

Martin, Industrial designer traveling between USA and Hong Kong, won several awards and cumulates patents. His creations are found in World’s leading retailers. Inspired through observation and empathy, he is motivated in improving the world through design.

Martin attended Armand Brochard’s School of Jewelry and Art Metals “Jewels that are worn must be functional, beautiful and durable, full of emotions and rituals”

Natasha Dionne

Natasha Dionne

Montreal Community

Community Services

Jeff Wells

Jeff Wells

San Jose - Costa Rica

Chief Mobile Officer

Michel Langelier

Michel Langelier

Montreal - Ottawa

V.P. Public Affairs

Aleece Germano

Aleece Germano

San Francisco - ...

Advisor, Strategic Partnerships

Vincent Lavoie

Vincent Lavoie

Quebec City

Quebec Ambassador

Hugo Desjardins

Hugo Desjardins


University Ambassador

Alexandre M. Gagné

Alexandre M. Gagné


Montreal Ambassador

Thiago B. Silva

Thiago B. Silva

Rio de Janeiro - Montreal

Ambassador to Brazil

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